A Little About Robin, and
Helping Hands Virtual Assistant

My name is Robin Pike, and I am the owner of Helping Hands Virtual Assistant. I have 15 years of business workflow and logistics experience in a broad range of companies. Small businesses hire me on a non-contractual basis to act as their as-needed “business manager and virtual assistant.” I live in Wake Forest, North Carolina (near Raleigh) with my husband Dean, and we are my father’s caretaker. Additionally, we have an adult daughter who lives in the beautiful North Carolina mountains.

My Story

After graduating from high school, my first job was working as a billing clerk at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore City in the same office as my mother. After two years of feeling pressure to have to do everything perfectly, I left that job. More than 35-years later, I can look back on that experience knowing that it molded me into the person I am today. I developed a strong work ethic with quality standards. After working in various industries and in corporate America, I recognized that working in an administrative capacity is where I excelled.

However, I wanted to start my business, and I found my passion was in the pet care industry. Owning a pet care business definitely had its challenges (14-hour days) and a constant need to market the company to keep a steady stream of new clients coming on board. Once I could hire staff, I focused on what I loved doing – running the business. I enjoyed doing research, putting that research to work by finding new clients, working on a plan to make the company more robust, and of course, the everyday stuff with bookkeeping and meeting with the new clients. Oh, and of course I also love ALL animals… even snakes! 🙂

At this point in my life, my primary focus is being a follower of Christ, who I trust has led me to start a new virtual assistant business. It is gratifying to help others with their small business needs by taking care of things many people aren’t good at or don’t have the time to do.I enjoy the variety of work along with the changes in technology. Offering services that include keeping up to date with the latest software are valuable to my clients. I am ready to alleviate some of the stress if things become overwhelming. Best of all, you won’t have to be burdened by reading through tons of resumes, interviewing countless candidates, or paying someone on days where the help isn’t really needed. We only work when tasks need to be accomplished. Helping Hands Virtual Assistant is here for anyone who needs help on a non-contract basis. We act as part-time assistants, allowing you to make more money, be more efficient, and be less stressed.

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