Robin's Bio

I have always had a passion for making things work better and faster, solving problems, and creating order from chaos.

My first role as an administrative assistant was working for a spring plant in Baltimore Maryland. Yes, a spring company!! They manufactured every type of spring you can imagine. Not the most glamorous job but it is the job that really kickstarted me in the admin field. I thrived in a very fast-paced environment. I was pushed to think on my feet and find faster, more efficient ways to accomplish my tasks.

This job began a chain reaction as I moved through a series of roles, making changes and increasing efficiency as I went. I was constantly challenged and growing my problem-solving skills. Eventually, my experience led me to my dream job as an office manager working at a psychiatric hospital. My passion for office management, problem-solving, and organization is what motivated me to start Helping Hands Virtual Assistant. I’m proud to offer the same high-level attention to detail, problem-solving, and organization to my clients. I never get tired of showing business owners how they can save money while freeing up time and reducing stress and frustration. And doing it all virtually allows me to be accessible to my clients while remaining active at my church.